Industrial Spray Booths

Spray Painting and Powder Coating Plants for Industry and Craft



WOLF pretreatment plants are designed completely in high-grade steel.

Heated zones are insulated. Pumps, fittings and control displays are easy to survey.

In general, pretreatment plants by WOLF stand out for good accessibility and easy handling.

WOLF Pretreatment Plants are rated for highest efficiency, while strictly observing the legal requirements for environmental protection.

Rinsing baths are generally used several times in cascade technology.

The lifetime of the active baths is prolonged by suitable bath care measures, for example by oil separators.

Spray Painting

Spray Booth with Dry Separation

Spray Booth with Dry Separation

If throughputs aren‘t too high and the resulting filter exchange intervals not too short, spray booths with dry separation will be preferred.

Evaporating Zones

Evaporating Zones

Being specialist in air-conditioning technology, WOLF offers solutions for climatic conditions with a regulated relative humidity, for example by sorption or refrigeration technology, if this is necessary for certain paint materials.

Paint Ovens

Paint Ovens

The conception of the oven is based on a uniform flushing of the work-piece room and a good insulation.
Heating is effected indirectly with a heat exchanger, so that flue gases are separated from process air and a reaction with the paint material is excluded.

Cooling Zones

Cooling Zones

For cooling zones, usually special machineries are used, running in fresh / exhaust air and in partial recirculating air operation.
Operating the cooling zone with refrigeration technology offers the advantage of always equal zone temperature, but requires a much higher energy consumption. Using refrigeration technology makes sense where cooling zones can be built only very short due to reasons of space.

Conveyor Technology

Conveyor Technology

In WOLF-spray booths, you will find a very wide range of conveyor systems, from the simple manual sliding conveyor to the highly flexible Power & Free-plant with electronic signal exchange for robot control. It depends on many factors, which conveyor type is the most suitable for your plant.

Control Technology

The whole control of the plant, the process and the conveyor technology are planned and built in our company.

This is a very important aspect, since in case of a „control problem“, you are in our experienced experts‘ good hands.

Control Technology

Air-Conditioning Technology

Air-conditioning Technology

In addition to the many times approved serial machineries for spray booths and ovens, our division „Air-conditioning Technology“ offers the whole programme of ventilating plants even for demands like humidification and de-humidification as well as refrigeration, so that you
receive complete plants from one hand.

Most modern and energy-efficient technology increases economy and assures a high plant availability.

Plant Portrait

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One after another

Co. Brandl in Mamming has specialized in industrial painting of vehicle parts.
Also here, the idea of a more flexible and efficient plant solution emerged from the high demand for special series of vehicle parts.
For this reason, Co. Brandl has invested into a new, fully automatic spray booth by WOLF in which not only metal, but also plastic parts can be refined.
Using 4 spraying robots turns this plant into an especially efficient, fast and precise
spraying line for high numbers at highest quality.

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As The Winter Sees Red

Company Kugelmann in Rettenbach is a successful engineering company that has reached a leading market position with
constant new development.
The wide range of products include snowplows and spreaders for winter maintenance, machinery for the maintenance of high quality turf in the sports sector, as well as complete cabins for machine tools.
The continued growth led to the expansion of production facilities and investing in a paint booth by WOLF.

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Full Speed upwards

Bison Palfinger, a daughter of Palfinger-group, is producing lifting platforms of all sizes.
Parts range from transporter superstructures with a lifting height of 12 m to platforms with a lifting height of 61 m.
Due to the high increase at the branch Löbau, a new spray booth has been built.

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For Heavy Boys

Also in Russia, Volvo’s aim is to produce as close to the customer as possible. And excavators are a key product on this fast growing market.
For this reason, the new, top-modern excavator production plant has been put into operation in Kaluga factory, where six types of excavators are being built, up to model EC-480 (48 tons).
After assembly, the excavators get their perfect finish in the new spray booth for delivery to customers.
Together with their Russian partner, WOLF have planned and realized the spray booth, consisting of four large-space booths (dimensions: 16 x 8 x 8 m (LxWxH), each).

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