TAIFUNO large spray booth

for commercial vehicles, special parts, construction machines and engine building

Highest level in equipment & quality

Excellent surface quality, perfect protection against corrosion and outstanding optics are marking first-class products not only for spraying passenger cars, but also for commercial vehicles and in engine building.


  • Competence in planning and construction
  • Renowned manufacturer of air-conditioning and ventilation plants
  • High production depth on maximal quality level
  • Own control system construction
  • Strong and reliable service
  • Best references in automotive and paint industry, institutes and training sector
  • Representations in 14 countries
  • Export to over 40 countries
WLE high-performance machinery - option: highly insulations oven machinery

The highest level of energy efficiency


As a manufacturer of ventilation and air-conditioning plants, WOLF is able to conceive even booths with complex airflow requirements, so that your spray booth is completely “one-stop” and 100 percent optimized – also regarding energy consumption.

Air Technology and Heat Recovery

One of the great advantages of WOLF is the wide ventilation and air-conditioning program by own production, providing the optimal conception for nearly any requirements.

Essential is, for example, the right selection and dimensioning of heat recovery systems. In most cases, the approved plate exchanger modules are used. If also humidity is to be transferred, highly efficient rotary heat exchangers are used.

However, energiy efficiency means far more than using heat recovery systems. Also control engineering plays a decisive part.

Rotary heat exchanger for heat and humidity recovery  with high efficiency / Plate heat exchanger

Control System and Regulation

Touch Control System

Modern mode programs are controlling the optimal energy application for each kind of operation such as preparing, spraying, evaporating and drying. Single booth sections in large booths can be switched, so that only the respective zone where paintwork is done is run with full air capacity.

Spray Booth Commercial Vehicles

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state of the art spraying hall for commercial vehicles

WOLF Reference

A large spray booth with a length of 21,5 m as well as two preparation bays with a length of 17 m, each, provide not only the requirements for large-scale paintwork, but also the basics for optimal working processes.

If trucks, buses or industrial machines – nearly any size can be painted in the new paint shop in an adjusted area with efficient energy use. The spray booth can be divided into a 14,5 m and a 7 m section. In the large section, buses or commercial vehicles are painted, while the last third is separated.
The smaller booth section is mostly used for painting the numerous single parts of commercial vehicles.

On the elaborate preparation bays, also big vehicles can be treated completely and without manoeuvring. Each preparation bay has got a 2-zone-switching with vertical air guidance, so that as required only one zone or both of them can be ventilated. A further advantage is the heating as well as ventilation and de-aeration of the hall by the machinery of the preparation bays.


Spray Booth Special Parts

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open-space spray booth 
for big steel constructions

WOLF Reference

The spraying zone is 24 m long and wide, subdivided into 8 working bays with 10 x 5 m, each. Each of them can separately be ventilated on site. The whole spraying zone is covered by filter ceilings.
The paint mist is extracted by paint mist separation mats, arranged below the gratings of the working bays.

The booth is rated so that paintwork can be done on two working fields at the same time. Inlet air flows into the filter ceiling over the selected zone, outlet air is extracted into the floor ducts of the zone. The booth is ventilated by two powerful combined air inlet / outlet machineries with a total air capacity of 66.000 m³/h. The booths are equipped with a heat recovery system.

Spray Booth Construction Machines

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spray booth for excavators

WOLF Reference

On the Russian production site of this well-known excavator manufacturer, WOLF has planned and realized together with their local partner a large spray booth for completely assembled crawler excavators. The booth consists of a total of 4 large-space booths of 18 x 8 x 8 m, each.

The excavators are passing all booths. The plant consists of:
Washing booth → Adhesive water drier → Spray booth → Oven

The booths are equipped with powerful machineries with heat recovery systems.

Spray Booth Mechanical Engineering

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special coating for offshore wind turbines

WOLF Reference

Especially the heavy turbine gear models for offshore use are produced by this North German machine construction company. The gear housings are painted in two parallel spraying lines with zone switching (four spraying zones) in a separate hall section.

Since the wind turbines are exposed to extreme weather conditions, a very high-grade protective layer is applied.


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