420 POWer ONE Hemp Picker

Stationary picking machine

WOLF is developing harvesting and drying technology for hemp.

Many experts believe that the areas of application of hemp as well as worldwide hemp cultivation will continue to grow. Thus, also the demand for individual machines for processing hemp will increase, why factors such as efficiency, velocity and adaptability of the machines will get more and more important. With expertise and many years of

experience in the field of agricultural machinery, WOLF has developed the 420 POWer ONE machines for harvesting and drying hemp for the worldwide market, making many hemp growers’ work easier.

By long-term development, research and continuous improvement, it has now become possible to process up to two hectares of cannabis a day. In order to guarantee the optimal quality of our machines, WOLF will continue to invest in research and development in the field of hemp in the future.



Invention started in 2019 through field trials



Development and elaboration of the concept

Installation of a prototype harvesting machine from Swissextract in Switzerland


Extension and improvement of the harvester to 2 ha per day.

Installation of a 120 m2 hemp dryer in Switzerland with a capacity of 1 ton of dry material cannabis per day.