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Welcome to this website. WOLF Anlagen-Technik are providing you this site based on the following terms and conditions.
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Limited Warranty on Informations
WOLF Anlagen-Technik apply the necessary care required by normal business practice in maintaining information on their website (home page) correct and up-to-date. However, errors might occur or information might be missing. The user should therefore not assume correctness and completeness of the information in any case, but contact WOLF Anlagen-Technik directly and have the information checked.
WOLF Anlagen-Technik do not have control of the user's usage of the information provided on their website. WOLF Anlagen-Technik can therefore not be held liable for loss of profit, contracts or other direct or indirect damages resulting from this information or by usage of them.
In any case, the individual statutory consumer protection rights will remain unaffected.

Hypertext Links
WOLF Anlagen-Technik have neither checked all websites linked to their websites nor are they able to do so. A liability for their contents is therefore excluded. Users connecting to other websites and home pages do so at their own risk and use such websites in accordance with the terms and conditions of use applicable to these websites.

Contents Transmitted
The data transmitted to WOLF Anlagen-Technik are subject to electronic data processing in the scope of order processing.

All rights to contents and texts of the website of WOLF Anlagen-Technik remain with WOLF Anlagen-Technik. All rights reserved. All texts, pictures, graphics, sound, animations and videos provided on this website as well as their arrangement are subject to copyright protections and other laws protecting intellectual property. Any usage outside the limits of copyrights without our consent is inadmissible and punishable. This applies especially to reproductions, translations, micro-filming and processing in electronic systems.

Country-specific Information
WOLF Anlagen-Technik and their representations in Germany and abroad provide information on the global and local business of WOLF Anlagen-Technik which are not necessarily relevant for each visitor and his respective location. If the products, programmes or services by WOLF Anlagen-Technik mentioned on this website are not available in their advised form in the respective country of a visitor of this website, the reference to these products, programmes or services does not mean that WOLF Anlagen-Technik advise their introduction in the respective country. In order to be sure regarding availability and country-specific technical specification, please contact WOLF Anlagen-Technik.

Unless stated otherwise, all trademarks on our website are protected. Registered and not registered trademarks by WOLF Anlagen-Technik or third parties must not be used in advertising materials or other publications related to dissemination of information without their previous written consent.

Confidentiality of Passwords
As far as a password/access code to protected areas of this site has been allocated to a user, the user will solely be responsible for safety and confidentiality of the password/access code. A transfer to third parties is not allowed. The password/access code may exclusively be used for gaining access to the platform of WOLF Anlagen-Technik and for using the services provided there. The user will solely be responsible for all entries and transactions made in his name. If access to his password/access code by unauthorized persons has become known to the user, he will be required to inform WOLF Anlagen-Technik and to modify immediately his password/access code.

License Rights
The intellectual property like patents, brands and copyrights contained in this website is protected. This website does not grant a license for using intellectual property of WOLF Anlagen-Technik or third parties.

Choice of Law
This website was created in accordance with the Laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. WOLF Anlagen-Technik shall not assume any guarantee for accordance of their website with the regulations of other laws. All disputes arising due to the website or its use are subject to the interpretation of the Laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, except for the regulations of Private International Law.

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