Control System with Zone Regulation

LUPUS PRO Steuerung mit Zonenregelung

The LUPUS PRO control system enables an optimal adjustment of the drying parameters and an efficient energy saving.

Due to the balanced ratio of bed height, temperature and air velocity and the division into four drying sections, hop quality is maintained and drying performance is significantly increased together with energy saving.

High Quality

The LUPUS PRO control system enables an optimal adjustment of the four drying sections.

For each kiln, there is a perfect relation of the drying parameters, depending on variety, dumping height and installed ventilating capacity.

Characteristic of an optimized kiln is a uniform filling and emptying rhythm, i.e. each time the drawer has been emptied, the top shelf can immediately be filled with green hops.

As a result, drying reaches a highly efficient frequency and gentle performance.

Each drying cycle can be recorded, if requested.

LUPUS PRO professional
Every step in hop drying can be adjusted to individual needs.

LUPUS PRO easy dry
The program controls drying automatically after a short presetting.


In the first drying section, the drying temperature must be increased just so that the released water can be removed by a sufficient air velocity.


Only in the second section, a higher temperature makes drying faster without impairing the quality.


In the third drying section, the temperature is reduced again, so that hops won‘t get too dry and inside quality not impaired.


Preset temperature and air speed are automatically maintained in the fourth drying mode. This results in a further possibility of optimization for individual hop varieties.