WK-com TB1

Der Fels unter den Meilensteinen


Unser neues WK-com TB1 ist auf Basis unseres bewährten doppelbeplankten wetterfesten Klimageräts aus der Serie WK-com N entwickelt worden.

Durch konstruktive Feinarbeit ist daraus ein Klimagerät entstanden, das für extreme Einsatzzwecke durch seine hervorragenden Gehäusewerte die ideale Lösung ist.


  • TÜV geprüft nach DIN EN 1886
  • zur Innen- oder Außenaufstellung
  • doppelte Gehäusebauweise
  • beste thermische Werte T1 / TB1
  • beste mechanische Werte L1 / D1
  • kältebrückenfrei

Quality Guarantee

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Double doors

The construction of doors which permanently, i.e. even after being opened and closed many times, meets the required thermal and mechanical values is particularly sophisticated. The design with our double doors ensures absolute certainty these characteristics are met.

Decoupling the inner and outer door on one hand reduces sound propagation, and on the other hand increases insulation. This saves energy and makes the unit extremely quiet to operate.

The triple door seal significantly reduces leakage losses and contributes to energy-saving operation. The mounted seal on the frame of the inner door prevents condensation from leaking, like a tub.

New internal locking

The extremely flat inner closure with sturdy metal housing is thermally separated from the inside of the unit, reducing leakage losses and thermal bridges.
The lock has a safety function preventing the door from opening on the discharge side.

Sturdy design

The double-shell design (30 mm thick panels insulated with mineral wool inside, 50 mm thick PU cladding outside) yield outstanding thermal properties. The mechanical values such as housing leakage and deflection also meet the highest classes, D1 and L1.

The values of the housing soundproofing are equally high (see table).

Many detailed solutions prevent thermal bridges.

In the process special joints are used between the panels, and our design also allows the use of crane eyes for lifting the units.

Boarded corners

Corners and edges are also delicate areas in a thermally high-efficient air handling unit. Of course they need to ensure the required values long term, and in our experience they also have to be sturdy and tough against external influences.

We have therefore specifically insulated all corners and edges to prevent any thermal bridges, and have additionally faced the outside with profile sheets.

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