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WK-com Air-Conditioning Units

Consistently Efficient, Flexible and Individual with Highest Design Quality ...


  • individual project realization
  • integral system solutions
  • innovative technology
  • professional support during realization
  • high production depth
  • most modern production processes
  • optimal customer orientation
  • short delivery times
  • highest design quality
  • cost-optimized production
  • approved after-sales service on site all over Germany
  • silicon-free units
  • same internal dimensions of WK-com THERMO units

Quality Guarantee

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WK-com H

The Hygienic

WK-com H Klimagerät

The air-conditioning unit WK-com H is the high-tech-product among air-conditioning
units and presents the most economic solution in WOLF WK-com series in this housing class due to a modular construction. At the same time, this product provides the basis for higher demands such as swimming pool technology, clean room technology or hygiene technology. Thus, WK-com H is as individual and flexible as all WOL airconditioning units.

up to Size 510

up to 50.000 m³/h


The Economic

WK-com N Air-Conditioning Unit

The air-conditioning unit WK-com is our approved standard air-conditioning unit for various applications. It is especially efficient in purchase and operation and moreover highly flexible by possible special and mixed sizes.

The units can be adjusted to any customer‘s wish and are completely knock-down.

Inside dimensions are the same for all WK-com serial units.

up to Size 1270

up to 120.000 m³/h

Fan Module

Optimized Fan Capacity

WOLF offers a selection of various fans.

For each application, the optimal fan is to be chosen.

Choosing the optimal fan assures that the used energy is optimally exploited and the admissible noise emission is not exceeded.

Volume Flow Regulation

The integrated volume flow measuring device enables a simple and reliable determination of the air quantity and/or its supervision when installed.

  • simple
  • low-cost
  • efficient
Free-running Fan Wheel

Free-running Fan Wheel

  • single-flow installation fan for pressures up to approx. 2.000 Pa
  • variable speed by frequencyconverters
  • high efficiency
  • low construction depth
  • with PM motor IE4
Direct drive with Tire Coupling

Direct drive with Tire Coupling

  • direct drive for the upper performance range
  • fan with laterally installed standard motor, variable speed by frequency converter
Belt Drive

Belt Drive

  • even for high pressures
  • low noise emission by blade profile and inclined tongue at fan exit
  • optionally with flat belt
Fan Module with EC-Motor

with EC-Motor

  • even for high pressures
  • low noise emission by blade profile and inclined tongue at fan exit
  • high efficiency factor
Fan Module Direct drive by Installed External Rotor Motor

Direct drive by Installed External Rotor Motor

  • cost-saving by maintenancefree operation
  • no second filter step required, since no belt abrasion
  • high system efficiency
Fan Module in ATEX


  • pressure-tight encapsulated motor
  • inflow jet made of brass
  • design as free-running wheel, variable speed


All WK-com units are fitted with filters as standard to EN 779 (2012) or ISO ePM 1 - ISO ePM 10 to ISO 16890. Other filters can also be supplied on request. The filters treated with biostatic preservative prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria to ensure clean, healthy air. Biostatic filters boast an outstanding dust storage capacity and level of efficiency in damp conditions.

WOLF WK-com-PRO Filters

1. Panel filter   2. Compact filter   3. Short bag filter  4. Long bag filter   5. Grease trap filter   6. HEPA filter   7. Activated charcoal filter

Filter classes

Under EN 779, the filter class is defined according to the mean efficiency (Em) for 0.4 µm particles.

F9:  95 % ≤ Em
F8:  90 % ≤ Em < 95 %
F7:  80 % ≤ Em < 90 %
M6:  60 % ≤ Em < 80 %
M5:  40 % ≤ Em < 60 %

ISO 16890 divides filters into groups.

ISO ePM 1, ISO ePM 2,5, ISO ePM 10 and ISO ePM coarse

The filters are grouped according to separation efficiency with reference to PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 (0.3-10 μm particles), dust storage capacity, gravimetric separation efficiency and differential pressure.