WOLF Measuring and Regulating Technology

C-MAX compact / flex

Plant-specific ex Works

From compact ceiling unit to roof central with refrigeration and humidification control. For customer-friendly commissioning, WOLF C-MAX is already configured ex works specifically for each plant. For commissioning only the nominal values, fixed speeds, volume flow, pressure and switching times have to be adjusted individually by customer.

Easy and Comfortable Handling

All important settings can be adjusted comfortably on the clearly legible control unit. Choose kind of operation, temperature or requested operating time. On the optional touch control unit, the plant functions can also be monitored as a graphic scheme.

Energy-efficiently matched

WOLF measuring and regulating technology is the ideal solution to secure a specific customer-tailored plant function in a perfect symbiosis between energy efficiency and performance.

Comprehensive Language Setting

A total of 13 languages enable the use of WOLF regulation almost everywhere: German, English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.

Longstanding Partners

The market offers innumerable solutions, more or less convincing. For hard- and software, we rely on sophisticated regulation technology by Siemens.

Two SOLUTIONS – one system

The extensive possibilities of our measuring and regulating technology offer the right solution for each plant. The pre-configured WOLF C-MAX compact presents a compact and cost-optimized unit. For individual requirements, we provide WOLF C-MAX flex program, fulfilling any requests of a ventilation regulation.

Zwei Lösungen ein System

In direct comparison

Options C-MAX compact
C-MAX flex
Heat Recovery hacken PWT, Rotor hacken PWT, Rotor, KVS
Heating Register hacken hacken
Cooling Register hacken hacken
Heat Pump hacken hacken
Fans hackenEC (up to 7A) hackenunlimited
Air Quality Measuring hacken hacken
Smoke Detector hacken hacken(optional DIBt, heat detector)
Activation Fire Protection Flaps hacken(only limit switch) hacken(optional single display, control)
Remote Control hacken hacken(optional hardware control panel)
Cloud Activation hacken hacken
Room Hygrostat hacken hacken
WEB Server hacken hacken
Free Night Cooling hacken hacken
Pre-Wiring hacken hacken
WOLF Commissioning hacken hacken
BACnet IP hacken hacken
Modbus RTU hacken hacken
KNX kreuz hacken
Touch Panel kreuz hacken
Phase Display kreuz hacken
Power Outputs kreuz hacken
Selectable Switchboard Layout kreuz hacken
Humidity Control kreuz hacken
Humidifier kreuz hacken



Interaction of all components

Precise Measuring and Regulating Technology

For a failure-free operation, only high-grade components are used for WOLF C-MAX switchboards.
For many years, we have been cooperating with well-known manufacturers on the latest state of the art, leading to a regulation system on highest level and fulfilling any requirements.

Professional wiring acc. to standards

Clearly arranged terminal block

Most modern controller technology

C-MAX flex

Clearly Comprehensible

With WOLF C-MAX regulation, all requirements of a modern regulation of
air-conditioning units can be realized easily and quickly. By the automated plant
scheme, these functions can easily be tracked during operation.

C-MAX flex Regelschema



WOLF C-MAX Übersicht

Plant-specific ex Works

For customer-friendly commissioning, WOLF C-MAX is already configured ex works specifically for each plant. For commissioning of heat recovery (WRG), only the specific data have to be set by

At a Glance

  • Room unit local handling (optional)
  • Control unit (HMI) for commissioning and function expansion
  • Pre-programmed and configured regulation ex works
  • User-friendly menu guide
  • Expansion modules BACnet-, Modbus-, LON-interface (already pre-programmed; module integration into existing building control system (GLT) to be done by customer)
  • Remote service by TCP/IP
  • Regulation of CO2, pressure, volume flow or humidity possible
  • Software updates by SD-card
Kind of Operation
  • Stepless 0 -100 % by 3-step automatic system
  • Constant volume flow
  • Constant pressure
  • CO2-regulation
  • Humidity regulation
Regulation Type
  • Constant Supply Air
  • Extract / Supply Air Cascade
  • Room / Supply Air Cascade


The complete product range by WOLF Anlagen-Technik is covered by a common controller “family”, providing an ideal communication between the single modules
and guaranteeing an easy, constant handling of the different units.

C-MAX Regelung

C-MAX compact

C-MAX flex

Integrated Refrigeration


C-MAX Touch

C-MAX Touch
  • Completely pre-configured visualization
  • Automatic starting of SMART HMI App
  • User-friendly and uniform layout
  • Comfortable schedule adjustment
  • Easy menu guide
  • All important data points at a glance
  • Live trend record of max. 5 values and simultaneous graphic visualization

C-MAX Cloud

Stand-alone cloud for easy monitoring of the installed plants by a usual webbrowser


Integration into external cloud systems by OAuth2 standard log for secured access to WOLF C-MAX data.


C-MAX Cloud
  • Remote maintenance at any time
  • Easy installation by IP-interface
  • Optimization of service assignments by Predictive Maintenance
  • Safe HTTPS-data transfer
  • Georedundant servers within Europe
  • Remote support by WOLF MSR-experts (Measuring and Control Technology)
C-MAX Cloud

WOLF C-MAX compact at a Glance

Your Benefits

  • Cost-optimized standard switchboard
  • Compact dimensions
  • Easy installation
  • Integrated main switch
  • Two-sided cable entry plates for fast and efficient wiring
  • Comprehensive language package (13 languages)

Further Options

  • Web Server
  • Room hygrostat
  • Free night cooling
  • Fire connection of building control system (GLT)
  • Single display of fire protection flaps (BSK) in separate housing
C-MAX flex

Magnetic control unit for free placement

Room unit

C-MAX compact device open


The compact standard switchboard (600 x 400 x 120 mm) with lateral cable entries and integrated main switch can be installed almost anywhere. It is handled by a control panel with 8-line LCD-display to be fixed magnetically anywhere on the switchboard or on the unit.

The switchboard can be attached in vertical or horizontal position, but also laid flat onto the unit.


One supply and one extract air fan can be controlled, each, providing all possibilities regarding control variables such as speed, pressure and volume flow.

WOLF C-MAX flex at a Glance

Your Benefits

  • Endless possibilities
  • Freely configurable
  • Individual planning
  • Zone regulation
  • Programmable customer-specific expansion
  • Comprehensive language package (13 languages)

Further Options

  • Web Server
  • Room hygrostat
  • Free night cooling
  • Fire connection of building control system (GLT)
  • Socket, lighting, heating and fan for switchboard
  • Power outputs for plant lighting, anti-frost heating, siphon heating
C-MAX flex

Professional Wiring

Fire Protection Flaps at a Glance

Additional Panel for rough Requirements


Individually adapted switchboard with door hinge right or left hand and cable entry above or below. Phase lamps, central release and main switch are firmly integrated into the switchboard door. The control unit is fast and easy to operate by six buttons.


Supply air fan, extract air fan WOLF – Fan Wall or separate ceiling fans: WOLF C-MAX flex offers all possibilities regarding control variables such as speed, pressure and volume flow.