WK-com PRO

the new air handling unit series with unlimited versatility

WOLF WK-com-PRO professional like you

WK-com PRO – the innovative and powerful air handling unit concept with limitless applications and configurations for indoor and outdoor installations.

The inherently stable and self-supporting framework is accommodated entirely within the unit but is not in contact with the air flow. Thermally separated panels completely enclose the framework.

The push-fit framework can be fully dismantled where necessary for ease of transport, handling and installation.

Patented hinges with three-dimensional adjustability are concealed within the door panels and are not visible from the interior or exterior. A proprietary lever lock with a closing mechanism integrated into the panels can neither touch nor damage the inner wall of the unit. All inner surfaces of the casing are completely smooth, without indentations, and can be cleaned without leaving any residue.
In general, only tested, microbially inert seals and sealants are used.

Quality Guarantee

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WOLF WK-com-PRO Air Handling Unit

„Customisable to the utmost extent!“

The unit is configured according to customer specifications. All air conditioning and air handling components can be combined and used.
All unit designs can be freely configured with individual, efficient and project-specific equipment.
Integral refrigeration and control technology, efficient heat recovery systems, all forms of humidification and dehumidification technology and much more, pose no problems for us.
An integral cable duct to simplify all internal cabling can be included as an optional extra.
With WK-com PRO, you can rely on an air handling unit that delivers maximum quality and efficiency, and is compliant with all national and international standards, guidelines and ordinances!

Unit design
  • Indoor installation in T2/TB2
  • Outdoor installation in T2/TB2

Inspection doors


Patented hinges with three-dimensional adjustability are concealed within the door panels and are not visible from the interior or exterior. The insulated hinge and sight-glass design is a further guarantee of thermal tightness.

Internal lock

The lock concealed within the door panel does not touch the inner wall and ensures hygienically smooth inner surfaces. Thermal loss is almost zero thanks to the insulated mechanism. The doors can be opened from both the inside and outside.

Sight-glass for easy visual inspection

+WOLF WK-com-PRO Sight-glass for easy visual inspection


All WK-com units are fitted with filters as standard to EN 779 (2012) or ISO ePM 1 - ISO ePM 10 to ISO 16890. Other filters can also be supplied on request. The filters treated with biostatic preservative prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria to ensure clean, healthy air. Biostatic filters boast an outstanding dust storage capacity and level of efficiency in damp conditions.

WOLF WK-com-PRO Filters

1. Panel filter   2. Compact filter   3. Short bag filter  4. Long bag filter   5. Grease trap filter   6. HEPA filter   7. Activated charcoal filter

Filter classes

Under EN 779, the filter class is defined according to the mean efficiency (Em) for 0.4 µm particles.

M5: ePM10 ≥ 50 %
M6: ePM2,5 ≥ 50 %
F7: ePM1 ≥ 50 %
F8: ePM1 ≥ 70 %
F9: ePM1 ≥ 80 %

ISO 16890 divides filters into groups.

ISO ePM 1, ISO ePM 2,5, ISO ePM 10 and ISO ePM coarse

The filters are grouped according to separation efficiency with reference to PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 (0.3-10 μm particles), dust storage capacity, gravimetric separation efficiency and differential pressure.