Air Heating Cassettes ZD-A multi

Performance Squared: Hidden Heaters

Air Heating Cassettes ZD-A

Hidden Heaters

The air heating cassettes ZD-A multi 1 and ZD-A multi 2 are specially designed for integration into euro-grid ceilings (false ceiling for euro grid 600 x 600 mm). ZD-A multi is the perfect and discreet heating in rooms with high standards of interior design.

Housing made of galvanized sheet steel. Cover with divided blow-out grid (and suction grid with variant U), made of electrolytically galvanized sheet steel, powder coated white RAL 9010.


  • Supermarkets
  • Stores
  • Salesrooms
  • Shopping places
  • Show rooms, etc.


Air Heating Cassettes ZD-A multi 1

Air Heating Cassettes Type ZD-A multi 1

  • Installation housing 570 x 570 mm
  • Cover 620 x 620 mm
  • 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Power 0,15 / 0,135 / 0,105 kW
  • Heating capacity from 2.8 to 15.8 kW
  • Power input 1.45 / 1.3 / 1.0 A
  • Air capacity 1000 m³/h
Air Heating Cassettes ZD-A multi 2

Air Heating Cassettes Type ZD-A multi 2

  • Installation housing 570 x 1190 mm
  • Cover 620 x 1240 mm
  • 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Power 0.15 / 0.135 / 0.105 kW
  • Heating capacity from 5.2 to 30.1 kW
  • Power input 1.45 / 1.3 / 1.0 A
  • Air capacity 1500 m3/h

Operating Modes


  • Pure recirculating air operation
  • Recirculating air mode with suction over suction grid (more eval air distribution)
  • Pure outside air operation
  • Mixed air operation with suction through the roof or wall


  • Washable air circulation filter in variant U
  • Connection port for suction-side channel accessories for variant A
  • Two in ZD-A multi-1, or three at ZD-A multi 2, double inlet centrifugal fans, fan housing and impeller made of galvanized sheet steel with integrated 3-speed external rotor motor 230 V, degree of protection IP 44, insulation class F, with thermal protection, with built-in operating capacitor
  • Heat exchanger with circular frame made of galvanized sheet steel, copper tubes with pressed on aluminum lamellae, connection tubes 3/4" rotationally mounted in the housing wall.
  • pre-wired control for electric motors and terminals for follow-up devices.


Variant U

  • for pure recirculating air operation, with inlaid washable filter mat, suction at the bottom,
  • for ceiling installation, blow-out at the bottom

Variant A

  • for recirculating, mixed and outside air operation with opening for suction-side channel accessories within the false ceiling, suction lateral,
  • for ceiling installation, blow-out at the bottom


  • Suspension for the basic unit within the false ceiling
  • Suction-side channel parts for variant A
  • Mixed air part with bag filter G3, with switchover flap, servomotor and limit switches
  • Elastic connection
  • Weather guard
  • Channels
  • Transition pieces
  • Wall channel
  • Rain Covers etc

Control unit

  • Manual switch 3-stage
  • Room thermostat with manual switch 3-stage
  • Automatic thermostat for automatic 3-stage circuit
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